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What Do Your Google Reviews Say About Your Scrap Yard’s Operations?

Do you want glowing reviews for your scrap yard like this?

But getting reviews that are less than ideal like this?

If a poor review is not about the scales being off, it’s probably about your scrap yard’s low prices compared to other scrap yards in the area.

How can we learn from these bad reviews and build operational efficiencies? How can we better meet customers' needs and set expectations?

Our recommendation? Upgrade your tooling!

By subscribing to a scrap metal recycling management software, your scrap yard can improve operations, make transactions more transparent with customers, ensure you’re pricing metals appropriately, and more!

Let’s take a look at a few more reviews to see how a scrap yard owner could improve operations through the use of a scrap metal recycling management software.

Process Efficiencies

This review says that an employee “changes the rules and policies every time we go there.” Though we can’t do much in the way of improving your employee’s attitudes, a software that makes each transaction efficient and clear can improve your customer’s satisfaction.

With M2M Cloud, processes are streamlined and simplified across the board. Though we, of course, allow for customization, you can expect that your employees are handling customers the same way each time they purchase materials.

With our state-of-the-art digital scales, allow customers to have a sense of ease when selling materials at your establishment.

Finally, our one-of-a-kind payment options allow customers to get paid instantly and without any worries about cashing checks. Scrap yard owners also can rest easy knowing that ATMs are no longer required to safely pay customers for their ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

In the hundreds of reviews we’ve read for this article, almost 90% are about money or customer service. Treat people well and pay them a fair market rate to get those 5-star reviews (FYI - good reviews get you more business) and keep your loyal customer base.

Pricing Issues

Another common theme in poor reviews of recycling centers and scrap yards are the inconsistencies in pricing. Maybe your scale really is off, or maybe you just need to set expectations on pricing.

As you can see, most reviews for scrap yards across the country are about pricing of materials.

If your yard is relying solely on answering the phone and giving pricing to customers, we have a message for you: there is a better way!

With a scrap metal recycling management software, you can easily track the market rates for all ferrous and non-ferrous metals in your local area. Use this information to set the minimum pricing you’re accepting for metal each day so that employees are on the same page when giving pricing details.

Want to give employees some flexibility when providing pricing? With M2M Cloud, employees can request a price change that is remotely approved by the scrap yard owner via the M2M Cloud app.

With M2M Cloud by Metal to Money, you can also broadcast out limited time pricing for a certain material to your previous customers. This allows a limited time influx of metal to your scrap yard and creates a great level of engagement with your direct customers.


If I’ve learned anything by reading hundreds of Google reviews of recycling centers across the USA, it’s that people want respect. But even more than respect, they want transparency.

Through a scrap metal recycling management software like M2M Cloud, you can bring transparency to your operations.

M2M Cloud allows you to bring transparency to your dealings with customers. It also brings transparency on your operations to local government agencies. Finally, it brings transparency to you as the owner by showing detailed reports on the health of your operations.

Metal to Money wants to be transparent with you as well. To accomplish this, we promise…

  • To NO set up fees

  • To fast onboarding

  • To easy payment options

  • To clear dashboards and reporting features

  • To reliable, US-based customer support 24/7

  • And to build a software solution that maximizes your profits and improves your Google reviews!

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