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How to Win at Scrap Metal Recycling

In 2023, the scrap metal recycling business is not slowing down. Now, more than ever, recycling and reusing scrap metal is of high importance to large corporations. In order to keep up with the ever-increasing demand, scrap yards need to focus on a few key areas to win in 2023.

Make Sure Customers Can Find You

There is nothing more important than your online visibility. Getting your info onto Google is key when customers are looking for local scrap yards where they can sell scrap metal. You can do this by:

  • Creating a Google Business account to get found on Google Maps

  • Creating a website to get found through keyword searches on search engines. You can quickly make one with Wix, Squarespace, Google Sites, or Ghost.

  • Creating a Facebook page to connect with customers and answer questions.

  • Create social media accounts to connect with other local businesses and customers directly – Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or Tik Tok.

When creating a website, there is something called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This basically is the determining factor in whether you’re found online or not. By applying SEO strategies to your website, you can begin ranking in Google searches and have customers visit your site for more information.

It is highly encouraged that you hire an SEO expert when creating your website to save a lot of headache and time.

Stay On Top of Metal Pricing

Metal prices change daily, so it’s vital that every scrap yard keeps up with the changing prices on a daily basis. Check out a website like Daily Metal Price to see prices for the day, the trends, and how you can best price the metal your scrap yard purchases.

It’s also great if the software that you have for managing all scrap metal purchasing can easily bulk update all of the pricing for each metal type. Usually this is done by uploading a spreadsheet from your local mills and buyers.

M2M Cloud gives users this capability. We make it easy to update pricing for all of your metal types at once. We also give you the option to send text notifications to your customer base notifying them of any price changes.

Make Sure Your Tooling Automates Manual Work

Having a software tool that automates any manual work is worth its weight in gold. This will save so many man hours that can be spent innovating other portions of your business or interacting with customers.

M2M Cloud is one option that automatically:

  • creates a ticket using a License Plate Reader (LPR) camera when customers drive onto your truck scale,

  • uploads all purchases to state authorities daily,

  • reads all weights from your scale indicators using our unique hardware solution,

  • merges tickets for commercial customers,

  • alerts commercial accounts when loads arrive at your scrap yard,

  • And more!

M2M Cloud is creating proprietary solutions that are solving customer issues unlike ever before in the scrap metal recycling industry. Set up a demo today to learn more!

Reduce Payment Errors

Reducing payment errors is also on the minds of all scrap metal recycling center owners. Ensure that you are able to pay quickly and without any foul play by using a reloadable debit visa card to pay sellers.

M2M Cloud provides this payment option for all users and greatly increases the efficiency of paying sellers. No more changing bank account details on a regular basis. No more dealing with ATM fees. This is the future of scrap metal recycling payment options.

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